The Importance of working with a Licensed Realtor®

Mother Daughter Team

When you want to sell your home, you want to sell it quickly and for the best price possible. Pamela Hanson (PREC*) and Heather Smith are Licensed Realtors® who use their expertise, professional skills, and diligence to achieve these results. Their services include:

  • Researching Current and Upcoming Listings
  • Prepare an accurate and persuasive Listing
  • Upload listing, photos, videos to MLS and social media
  • Upload a 360 camera view and formal floor plan
  • Prepare Listing Contract and explain all clauses
  • Advise (and organize as requested) any house repairs and decluttering
  • Weekly calls with seller to discuss progress and adjust marketing as needed
  • Receive and review all offers to purchase with buyer
  • Follow process of obtaining mortgage, home inspection
  • Coordinate closing process with buyer’s realtor and seller

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Did you know that Pamela and Heather will provide over 180 services that are necessary for a successful residential real estate sale?

Advice from The Diamond Girls To Help You Sell Your Home

Establish the Right Sale Price

This is the first major step is selling your home. If you price your home too high, you may not get any interested buyers and the time to sell stretches on. If you set the price too low, you might not receive what your home is worth. By working with a professional Realtor® you have access to their many tools to help get the price right. They are constantly aware of changing market conditions. They put your home on the national Multiple Listing Service (MLS) so it can be found by people searching online from anywhere in the world. Pamela Hanson will work to ensure you list at a fair and competitive price.

Choose the Right Realtor

A listing contract with a professional Realtor® is typically 6 months to a year. We look forward to meeting you and explaining the many services we offer. We want you to be confident – right from the start – that you are working with two professionals who have the same goals as you do.

Finding a Qualified Buyer

A Licensed Realtor® has the expertise and specific tools to find buyers that are financially qualified to purchase your home. A Realtor® will deliver a full-service marketing strategy to maximize the number of places your listing will be seen, organize open houses and individual tours, and save you the time of following up with every request.


Pamela and Heather are there to work with you and the buyer to successfully close the sale of your home. Should a buyer make a offer that is less than your asking price, they will advise you through the process of whether to remain firm or make a counter offer. They will also assist you if and when you receive multiple offers!

Buyer Financing

Realtors® work closely with financial institutions on a daily basis. With their assistance your buyer will understand the many financing options available to them. Your Diamond Girls Team will keep you up to date on when the buyer’s financing has been secured.


The final day of any real estate deal is called “the closing”. Pamela and Heather will help you prepare everything you need such as:

  • Process to pay out any remaining mortgage
  • Allocating paid/unpaid property or GST taxes between the buyer and seller
  • Discuss the need, and advise you on where to obtain, Title insurance
  • How to transfer the net money owed to either the buyer or seller due at closing

Using the skills of a Licensed Realtor® during the closing can help you when working with your lawyer and financial institutions. Pamela and Heather can help with in handling unexpected problems that may arise. We know it is comforting to have someone at the closing to represent your interests and answer any questions you may have.

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